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  QUESTION 1 (问题1):


  Given the fact that mouth of water is totally different and split on HA after its opening, and given the severe cultural split between this film’s production team and its audience, is that the reason for the result of different water of mouth, or there are other reasons?


  I'm not quite sure what the real reason is, but I do know that when we set out to make this film we wanted to introduce something different and hopefully fresh to the Chinese audience; And that's the idea of this meta, which is a movie upon a movie; I thought we also had an amazing cast, with Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming and Tong Dawei, they're obviously very known movie stars. And for them to be in movies and make the movie. I think there's something very different from what people used to. ; To me, that's one of the big reasons that I want to do it, that is not to rehash and do stuff that's been done before. ; Let's try something new.


  问题2 (QUESTION 2):


  How do you understand “feet on ground”in HA. Some of the humor coming from Hollywood classical movies which many Chinese audiences don’t really know, so they won’t be able to laugh at those point, did you predict this would happen?


  Yes, I think that’s part of the meta comedy of the film, I think it’s about watching the film. I know meta is very popular in the US in a sensibility. I love the movies and TV shows that do that. And I think part of it is about watching it, and not fully understanding it. But asking your friends, you looking it up, understanding the references. ; That’s me love the great about meta sensibility, you know. That’s a very new thing that we’re trying to introduce to the Chinese audience. Plus I think Hollywood is such a big part of the movie-going experience. Hollywood and film, they don’t just go away. ; So you can always look up and find out stuff. To me that’s part of the fun. ; Not just watching the movie for 2 hours, but being able to go home and talk to my friends, go on the computer and look up what all the references are. To me that’s the fun thing about meta.


  QUESTION 3 问题3:


  The story looks pieced together. Characters look like Lost in Thailand, Action scenes look like Fast and Furious, we even found some Indian movie elements. We heard that during the script, investors wants you consider Xiaoming and Zhaowei’s previous personal story into the movie, does this mean you were interfered much during the script stage?


  I think part of the story, there’s one story in line and that’s pieced together because it’s basically there’re references to other genres and movies. That’s what again what meta is. It’s very deliberate, it’s something that we all are trying to do, to try that again, to introduce something new the audience. My greatest hope in this adventure is to for people hopefully watch it, have a good time; if they don’t understand something, to talk to their friends, and look it up, really engaged in this course. My love about the film is talking to my friends. That’s how I built my community. To filmmakers is very important that they can build the relationship that’s lasting.


  Let’s kind of talk more about meta is, it’s the genre that I love which is to have something that stands on its own with its own characters. I think what I like about this film is it’s really about three characters played by stars who are tourists going to Hollywood that end up in a Hollywood movie. That’s the main concede. And then from there, we’re basically having fun with the idea of Hollywood and make belief of the film.


  This is my first film, and my first at least experience in China. Now that was all the collaboration in this film. For me the exciting thing of trying to do this project was not a business choice, it was a choice of trying to hopefully establish a relationship with the new audience, and hopefully we can build the community. That was the gesture, and I think that was the greatest hope. I think everyone that came on this movie, it had to be built on trust. I’m grateful because they all took a chance. 这是我做的第一部中国电影,也是第一次与中国合作。这部电影中我能感受到都是积极的合作。对我来说,做一个电影,最兴奋不是是否赚钱,而是有机会能够与新的观众建立关系,希望能够组建对这种题材感兴趣的观众群体。这是我最根本的态度,也是最大的希望。我觉得每个参与这个项目的人,都彼此非常信任对方,我非常感激他们做了这样的尝试。

  I said from the beginning, if we’re gonna do something, let’s all work very hard, let’s get good people, let’s all try to do something different. Because if we do something that’s already existed, and if we do something that’s basically copying something else from China, then it’s not worth it. I already have a career here, I don’t need that, I don’t need to do that, for business. ; I always feel like that the Chinese audience r



  初涉中国电影市场,有没有觉得中国电影观众的口味比较难把控,毕竟是不同的文化背景,是否还看好中国的电影市场? 2. Given that this is your first movie in China, do you feel that the Chinese audience is hard to understand, or do you feel that there are any different cultural factors at work, and do you feel that China’s film market is a market worth investing your time and effort in?


  I’ve shot main movies around the world, and I made Hollywood movies. I’ve always enjoyed my travels around the world, meeting and working in new cultures. Whether it’s in Europe, or South America, or Asia, anywhere, I always enjoyed that. I always think it’s a very important thing that I love that as a person. It’s something that’s earned. To invest my time and effort in China, or China as market… I don’t think of it as a market, I think of it as people, I think of it as a relationship. It’s not a given, it’s a privilege, it’s something that you’ve learnt. I hope our relationship, you know, it goes both ways. It’s there and it’s not my choice alone.


  问题5 QUESTION5:

  您觉得这次好莱坞团队和中国团队的合作,对于中美合拍片模式的探索有什么突破吗Do you see any breakthroughs in the cooperation you’ve had between US and Chinese fimmmakers on this project?


  For me personally, I think film is such a communication medium. It’s very easy for people to talk, just talk and talk and talk. It’s important to share that experience, to be able to do something with people. I feel like there’s breakthrough. A lot of crew and cast from now on, you know, Zhao Wei, or Huang Xiaoming, or Tong Dawei, no matter if they are making an American movie, or another kind of movie, they are just so talented. Now I had this experience with them, I look forward to working with them again. That’s the most important thing. In Hollywood there’re a lot of fake people in film. There’s a lot of negative energy, and this film is truly done as positive gesture. To me, those are the relationships that I hope most dear.


  When I first started with the Fast and the Furious, everyone said it was impossible and there’s nobody that wanted it. Eight years later, it’s one of the biggest franchises in the world. That’s something I’m very proud of. It’s something you can’t just predict. But all you can do is to work hard, and try to work with talented good people. Hopefully you can build the relationship with the audience. That was really truly from my heart, that is my gesture for this adventure. 当我最早开始做《速度与激情》时,每个人都不看好。8年之后,它已经是最大的系列电影品牌之一。这是我感到非常骄傲的。但不是每部戏都能这样子,我唯一能做的就是更加拼命的工作,跟有才华的人一起拼命工作,才能最终有机会与观众建立我所说的那种联系。这是我的真心话,也是我在这次经历中始终如一的态度。

  问题6 QUESTION 6

  您觉得这次与中国团队进行影片的合拍和合作,是成功的吗?如果票房和口碑没有预期理想,是否还会继续考虑与中国团队的合作? Do you think this collaboration with Chinese film teams was a success? If the film’s reputation and box office aren’t what was expected, will you still work with Chinese teams again?


  I know that in Hollywood a lot of people were the first ones who do something like this, and a lot of people are kind of looking how the Chinese audience is reacting to this film. I hope this film would lead to more co-production between the two countries. Not just throw one Chinese actor into a Hollywood movie, that’s just pandering. I really do hope that this whole adventure, I know everybody is looking, done in good gesture, we will be able to keep building relationship.


  I don’t think of this as just collaboration with Chinese film teams. To me it was a great success when you can finish any film. This is something that we learn together and we grow together. To me it’s a great success that I got to work with great people, we got to make the film that we wanted to make. I think that’s already a gift. Ultimately you hope that this is something that people would embrace, they’re going to want more. I don’t want to be elegant, I want to be respectful. That’s the way I’ve been my whole career here in the US. I respect the people in China too much to think otherwise. I think of them just as Chinese team, I think of them as my team and my family. There’re a lot of people I’m looking forward to work with, not just in Chinese projects.


  问题7 QUESTION 7


  Beyond the fact that HA is an influential commercial film,what do you think the most significant part of filming this movie has been?


  For me personally is the relationship that I’ve built. Again these are the things that…I think a lot of people when they watch movies, it’s 2 hours of their life. I respect that, and it’s very precious to me. But for filmmakers, we see 2 hours as 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years of our life. So it’s very important to me who I make my films with. So that to me is the most significant element in this whole process. Of course the other one is the potential relationship with the audience. The time I’ve been in China, to be able to experience China and to see people work very hard. I really want that, hopefully they can take a break and have a great time. Hopefully we are able to do that together on this film.


  问题8 QUESTION 8


  In the movie,there is a scene talking about 4 million action sequences, we hear the movie budget is 30 million USD, how much does all the car action sequences cost finally


  One thing I really want to share also


  that I’ve been very fortunate. I get to make big budget Hollywood movies. A


  of times when I go to meetings with other studios, they talked

  about China as

  if it’s just a market share, they talked about China just as it’s just


  To me it’s not like that, China is made up of people. I hope

  that the people deserve

  a good entertainment, and they deserve diverse

  slate of films and TV, to be

  able to just try new things. That’s why

  films are so great. That’s why I love

  to be a filmmaker, and that’s

  why I love cinema, is to be able to try different


  And again, this is why I always do,

  and always

  truly cherish this Hollywood Adventures journey.


  I heard about the 30 million dollar


  I don’t know where they come from. Because in the US nobody

  ever talks about

  the budget, these things are all made up. I think you

  should focus on the movie.

  It’s not really about how much the movie

  got made for. To tell you the truth, we

  shot this movie in LA, which

  is in California, which is in the US. It would’ve

  been really

  expensive but I used a lot of my friends from the Fast and the


  and from Hollywood. They all came to really help out, they all came to


  they want to support and try to make a good movie. I think

  that number got

  throwing out that should not be in the discussion and

  the film should stand on

  its own. At the end of the day, this film is

  not about the budget, this film is

  about what’s on the screen for 2


  My guys who worked on Fast

  & Furious are

  who’ve been working with me on Star Trek right now.

  They all came up and really

  helped with all the stunts and everything.

  I think again, this is something was

  not done by money, was done

  because people believe in the idea and in the film.





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